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  1. Do I really need to maintain a Kelly Ford Preowned vehicle, even though it is not new?

    Maintaining your vehicle is always a good idea. Today’s vehicles are built to very specific tolerances and are intended to be maintained. Oil and other fluid changes increase the life of your vehicle. Another important point is that manufacturer warranties are very specific that maintenance must be performed at various intervals. If your vehicle is under warranty, and a failure occurs due to lack of maintenance, the manufacturer can deny coverage as lack of maintenance is not considered to be a warrantable defect. With this in mind, all of our NexToNew vehicles have had their maintenance brought up to date.

    Why would I trade my vehicle instead of selling it privately?

    Selling your vehicle privately can have a number of issues:

    • Advertising and showing the vehicle takes time and money.
    • Arranging test drives can be stressful.
    • Finally, a motor vehicle inspection is required for the transfer of ownership.

    Trading your vehicle with us can provide solutions to these problems:

    • We take ownership of your vehicle immediately and ensure any liens are dealt with.
    • We assume the cost of advertising and showing your vehicle.
    • We assume the cost of reconditioning your vehicle.
    • We ensure the motor vehicle inspection is taken care of.
    • Finally, trading in your vehicle provides you with more value when you consider the HST you already paid on the previous vehicle and the credit that will be applied to the NexToNew one. Thus, at the current 13% tax rate, trading your vehicle for $10,000.00 on another vehicle would be the same financially as selling it for $11,300.00 and putting that money down on a new or NexToNew vehicle.
    How do you calculate what my trade is worth?

    Our vehicle values are calculated based on a number of factors. First, we assess an estimate of what reconditioning costs, both cosmetic and mechanical, a unit will need to ensure it is up to our Kelly Ford Preowned standards for resale. Next, we look at recent purchases and auction availability to determine how an equivalent unit would be valued. We take all that information and judge it against what we would hope to sell the vehicle for prior to determining what we can offer you for your vehicle.

  2. Can I speak to the previous owner of the Kelly Ford Preowned vehicle I am interested in?

    Due to our privacy policies, we can not disclose any information regarding the previous owner of the NexToNew vehicle you are interested in. However, in some cases we may be able to get in touch with the previous owner and get their permission to be contacted. In that case we may be able to facilitate a conversation to put your mind at ease. We also offer CarProof vehicle reports that disclose the history of a given unit. This would include any insurance claims or estimates.

    How do I know if the Kelly Ford Preowned vehicle I am purchasing has been in an accident?

    We offer no charge car proofs on all Kelly Ford Preowned vehicles. These reports use registration, lien, and insurance information from all over North America to ensure you know the whole history of your Kelly Ford Preowned vehicle.