Grand Falls-Windsor

Warranty and Maintenance

Ensure top performance

With maintenance services provided within the same location as our pre-owned vehicle sales, you can rest assured that we know how to take care of your vehicle. As well, you can avoid the hassle of warranty coverage by having your vehicle cared for by the same team that sold it to you.


Every Kelly Ford Preowned vehicle we sell comes with a minimum 3 Month, 5000km Premium Care warranty. Plus, in the event that you would like to increase your coverage, that no charge warranty can be used as a $200 credit towards any warranty upgrade that you would prefer.

For more detailed information about options and covered components, please contact:


Glenn Batt


(709) 651-1230


Vanessa Short

Grand Falls-Windsor

(709) 293-5005



Maintenance Maintaining your vehicle is critical to ensuring a long life, and it also ensures your warranty coverage remains intact. Stay tuned to our Promotions section for special deals on maintenance for your Kelly Ford Preowned vehicle. We service all makes and models.